Astral Projection Guide – Self-hypnosis for spiritual development.

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Get into the right state of mind for this meditation practice.

Astral projection methods vary, but all forms start with self-hypnosis or meditation. It would help if you had that quiet mind so that you can get focused and relaxed. This peaceful state will help you get ready to go beyond your physical self and into the mindset you need to be in to begin exploring the universe around you.

Getting into a relaxed, hypnotic state that is still focused is not an easy task. You have to relax all the muscles in your body while keeping your mind alert and conscious. Most attempts at astral projection do not work because the person cannot stay focused while also being completely relaxed, and the result is the person ends up asleep.

To start getting into the necessary relaxed state, you should prepare by dressing in loose clothing. Sit is a place where you won’t be distracted or disturbed. You should avoid lying down as a beginner since it is too easy to become too relaxed in that position and fall asleep.

Getting in the right hypnotic state of mind.

Once seated comfortably, imagine that tension is a fabric bandage wrapped over every inch of the body — think of a mummy – that tightly constricts even tiny toes on your feet. Next, imagine those small toes released from the compression. Warm blood flow returns, as does the feeling of cool air on the skin’s surface. Imagine the same process for each toe until all ten toes have been “freed.”

Move up your body unwrapping the balls of the feet to the arches to the ankles, and on up. You will keep moving up the body and unwrapping until you are entirely free.

You should be in total relaxation but still clear-minded. You are ready to try one of the methods of astral projection. Listening to hypnotic or trance-inducing binary beats with or without music is a good idea for performing this meditation.

Spiritual practice – The rope method.

A primary astral projection method is the rope method. Before you start the relaxation phase, you will tack a rope to the ceiling above you. It should be easy to touch with your eyes closed. Brushing the cord will help you with your visualization.

Hanging the rope will let you easily find it with your “astral fingers.” You will float to the string and use it as a guide once you are relaxed. In the beginning, it can be a little tricky to find the rope, but after a while, you will have no trouble doing so. Just remember to be focused.

When you find the rope, concentrate on pulling your astral self up as if you were climbing the length of it. Imagine the process without regard for weight, as the celestial body is weightless and can climb effortlessly. A sense of dizziness may occur at this point, but it’s important to ignore this feeling; otherwise, one may jeopardize the projection attempt.

Keep on moving up the rope until your astral body is completely free of your physical body. Ignore everything you may feel, like dizziness, heaviness, or warmth. These sensations are just a natural part of astral projection.

Astral projection – a static method

You may also hear of slight variations of the rope method. Some of these include lifting the astral body out and hovering above the physical body. There is the rollout, rolling out of the body to end up beside the body, mostly done when lying down. The fixed and moving anchor methods are two other methods.

In the static method, you would visualize an object that you are “pulling your astral self towards.” In the anchor method, you feel as if that object is pulling you towards it. The act of pulling towards or being pulled towards removes the astral body from the physical body. When your body is free, it is time to explore.

Practice makes perfect.

It’s important to know that, as with any new endeavor, it takes time and practice to learn this process, so it’s vital to remain positive if one’s first attempts at astral projection do not succeed. An unsuccessful attempt may be due to various causes, such as stimuli in the room, insufficient relaxation, or, just the opposite, exhaustion in the body to control at a particular time.

It helps you to be very dedicated to astral projection. With dedication, you will notice problems easier, master your astral projection methods, and go beyond your physical body and explore the universe.

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